Israeli immigration lawyer says he is in debt to family, school, home

A family member of a Jerusalem immigration lawyer who was jailed in a 2014 killing in the occupied West Bank is now owed nearly $400,000 in unpaid fees and costs, the lawyer and the man’s family have said.Rami Hammad, a lawyer who represented the man who was killed in a Palestinian street shootout with Israeli […]

Truck accident lawyer, cat filter lawyer: Lawyers are ‘lucky’ to have cat filter

The cat filter lawyers are lucky, in some ways, to have a cat filter that prevents them from having to explain their clients’ criminal convictions to their clients.But that’s not the only thing that makes them successful.A legal career with a cat-filtering lawyer is a lifelong adventure.They have a vested interest in the safety and […]

When is a landlord liable for an un-hacked website

The hacker who cracked the website of the home rental website Airbnb has been sentenced to up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine, a US district judge in Washington state ruled Tuesday.Airbnb was fined $1.7 million in March, after a judge found that the company’s service to its users violated federal laws […]

How to File for Expungement and Remission of Arrests

I am a traffic lawyer in Washington DC.As a traffic attorney, I am able to represent the public interest.As an immigration attorney, my practice focuses on the issue of immigration, deportation, and reentry into the United States.But I am also a lawyer who understands the issues of personal accountability, due process, and due process rights […]

Why should you care about the best lawyer movies?

By now you’ve seen the recent release of Best Lawyers: An American Crime Story and you’re probably asking yourself the same question: Why would you want to watch this?The answer is that this documentary explores a lot of the questions surrounding the legal profession, and whether or not there are any good movies that focus […]

The Best Free Legal Advice: A Guide to Understanding Your Right to Free Speech

I was a passenger on a boat with a young man named Bojangles, who had just moved from New York City to New Jersey.The boat was on a three-month trip from San Francisco to Cape Cod.He was 19 years old, a college freshman with a few friends, and he was a bit anxious.We’d had a […]

Attorney general’s office says Trump campaign may have violated election law

The attorney general’s official website says a group of Trump campaign officials could have violated federal election law by not properly registering to vote in California in November.California, the home of the U.S. presidential election, was supposed to be able to count the ballots for Trump, but voters who requested absentee ballots were not able […]

When can divorce attorneys stop calling you a liar?

Divorce lawyers are using legal language in courtrooms that could cause people to think they are liars, with some legal experts warning of a backlash against divorce lawyers.Diane and Peter Glyn, who own and operate Glyn & Co, have been representing people who claim to be divorced, in an effort to help them get back […]

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