John Marshall is a lawyer who can help you avoid jail

A lawyer who has helped thousands of clients get the justice they deserve in court is calling for a change in the laws in Australia.Lawyer John Marshals is a criminal defence lawyer who is renowned for representing people accused of serious crimes and has also represented people accused in sexual offences.He’s also been named as […]

How to find out how much your lawyer is making from copyright infringement

The legal profession is increasingly used to being seen as a monopoly.But a new report from the Federation of Professional Law Firms says that while the profession is used to this, the way lawyers are being paid is a growing problem. In a new survey of over 600 lawyers, it found that nearly one-third of them […]

Which dad has the right to bring his children to the US?

A father’s rights lawyer says US parents can bring their children to Canada if they have an urgent need to travel.Jonathan Marshall says the US needs a permanent immigration system to handle asylum seekers who are coming to Canada to claim asylum.“This country is an island in a sea of refugees, and they are arriving […]

Jonathan Marshall’s lawyer says his client was innocent of murder, rape, sexual assault

By TOM HARRIS NFL reporterTom HarrisNew York Daily NewsThe lawyers for former New York Jets quarterback Jonathon Marshall said Wednesday he was innocent in the death of his ex-wife, and his lawyers will not pursue charges against his accuser.Marshall, 31, was found not guilty of murdering his former wife, Lisa Marshall, in 2005.Marshalls defense team […]

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