Why Insurers Are Scrambling to Protect Lawyers and Insurers

By David B. Henderson / Staff reporterSan Francisco–based immigration attorney Andrew T. Jones and his wife, Jennifer Jones, are suing their former employer, Life Insurance Company, alleging that Life Insured misrepresented their employment status in a document that was not signed by the company’s owner.Life Insurance Company says the lawsuit is a “misleading” attempt to […]

Which sex crimes are most prevalent in the criminal justice system?

A new study shows that nearly half of all women are sexually assaulted or sexually assaulted by a current or former intimate partner.The results are the first to reveal how frequently a woman is assaulted or assaulted by her partner, as well as how often the victim reports the crime to the police.A report released […]

How to get legal help for tenant rights

The Phoenix lawyer who filed a civil case against a Phoenix-area rental property owner for allegedly violating the Tenant Rights Act is getting a new lawyer.Attorney Craig D. Johnson, who has been representing the property owner in a similar case, has retained Phoenix lawyer Thomas A. Rios, Jr., and has launched a civil lawsuit.Johnson filed […]

Workers compensation lawyer says federal workers compensation system is ‘broken’

A worker compensation lawyer in Illinois says federal law is “broken” because workers can file claims against employers who have been fired.John F. Gaskin, a Chicago-based attorney and former federal employee, says the workers compensation insurance program is “too big a federal government” and it’s up to the states to decide how to handle disputes […]

Why I’m leaving DWI lawyer and aviation lawyer for a more lucrative career

A Florida aviation lawyer says he is quitting his lucrative DWI law practice after a nearly year-long dispute with the Florida Department of Transportation.In a letter posted on the website of the Miami-Dade Airport Authority, attorney Joe Sussman says he will be working as a flight attendant on a private flight from Miami to Miami-Hialeah.DWI, […]

When you sue a company, you’re taking on a corporation that’s been in the business for a while

Polygon – You’re the CEO of a software company.You have the financial resources to fight off a suit, but you’re just not sure how to proceed. If you’re wondering whether you should sue the company, there are three reasons you should.The first reason is that it’s against the law to lie to shareholders or make false […]

Philadelphians with divorce, divorce attorneys to sue in Philadelphia

Posted November 10, 2018 11:19:03 Philadelphi attorneys who have filed divorce cases in Philadelphia, Maryland and Pennsylvania will soon face a court hearing.The lawsuit, filed Thursday, seeks an order that the attorneys’ pay attorney fees and costs.It is being brought by attorneys in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., who claim the attorneys violated the Pennsylvania Rules […]

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