The law firm of Richard J. Wicker’s lawyer could have its job cut from the inside out

If you’re a lawyer, it’s not a surprise that you’re often under the constant threat of being fired.

In fact, the legal profession is so dangerous, it was recently reported that one of its most senior employees had lost his job in a fire.

But a lawsuit filed against Wicker by the firm’s former chief legal officer has just gotten a lot worse.

According to the complaint, Wicker, who left the firm in August of this year, has been fired for alleged mismanagement of the firm.

The law office that handled the case is named for its namesake, Richard Wicker.

“Mr. Wickers has not been a productive member of the law firm and should not be expected to remain in such a position,” the lawsuit states.

“Mr. and Mrs. Wicken have been forced out by Mr. Wicks failure to meet expectations of the new leadership team.”

The lawsuit alleges that Wicker had a history of misconduct, including alleged retaliatory firing.

In particular, the lawsuit claims Wicker used his position to promote himself and his own business interests at the firm, rather than to protect his client, which was a former employee, the complaint states.

“This is not the first time Wicker has abused his position,” a spokesperson for Wicker told The Verge.

“It was in fact the last time he had any legal issues with any of his clients.

He was fired for this behavior.”

The law firm is currently working on a separate lawsuit, this time involving a former partner who left it over a long-standing dispute over a business deal.

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