How to sue airline over flight attendant’s comment about a passenger

Transportation lawyers are often accused of taking advantage of their clients’ emotional and psychological vulnerabilities.

In this case, a woman claims she was denied access to a flight attendant after she said something to the effect that a man had raped her on the plane.

A federal judge has now ruled that the woman was entitled to a jury trial over the comment.

The judge said in a written order Wednesday that the comments were made during the flight and should be considered in the context of the whole incident.

The woman had to be transferred from the flight to a hotel because she was too upset to return to her seat.

Federal Aviation Administration officials told CNN that they are not reviewing the ruling.

In court filings, a Transportation Security Administration official said the agency is reviewing the case and will consider whether to appeal.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Agency said the department has not taken any action related to the case.

The TSA says the agency “does not condone or tolerate any form of harassment, or any discrimination based on gender identity.”

The agency says the comment was made in response to a complaint from the passenger, who said she and another passenger had been assaulted by a man on the flight from Dallas to San Francisco.

The passenger, a former Air Force pilot, alleged that the man had sexually assaulted her while she was in his seat.

The Air Force denied the claim.

The Transportation Security Agency says the incident was captured on video by an onboard camera and has been reviewed by the agency.

The airline said it was not aware of the incident.

A spokesman for the airline told CNN on Wednesday that he had not seen the video and would not comment further.

The case is not being prosecuted by the Transportation Security Service.

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