Why is divorce lawyer cost so much?

The average price of a divorce lawyer in Israel is over $200,000, according to an analysis of a new database compiled by a Jerusalem law firm and published by Haaretz.

According to the research, divorce lawyers charge about $200 per hour.

Israel’s top divorce lawyer is Michael Apte, who also represents the families of several Israeli army commanders, including former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon and military intelligence chief Benny Gantz.

The firm of Anadolu said Aptez charges over $2 million per year.

Israel has a high divorce rate, the study said.

Aptes salary in the past was more than twice that of his female counterpart, Yair Shalev, who earns $50,000 per month.

The top divorce attorney is Avigdor Shalevs lawyer, according a spokesperson for Anadollu.

Shalevas salary is $1.6 million per month, according the report.

The report also noted that Israeli divorce lawyers make an average of $1,500 per hour, less than half of what the top divorce lawyers of Israel earn.

Another survey of divorce lawyers by the law firm said that in 2014, Israel’s divorce rate was 6.6 percent.

However, the same survey also showed that the divorce rate had increased to 9.6% by 2020.

A divorce is not a criminal matter in Israel, so there is no obligation to file a criminal complaint or make a report.

However the court is required to take action to ensure that a divorce does not violate the court’s order to allow the divorce to proceed.

Anadolinut.com is the largest and most comprehensive database of Israeli divorce cases.

The database is divided into three sections.

Section A, which focuses on the legal aspects of the divorce, includes cases involving divorce settlements and divorce orders.

The section B, which includes the financial aspect, is also a comprehensive database covering all aspects of divorce, including mediation, the court fees involved and the amount of money spent on the divorce.

In the most recent report, Anadols main goal was to analyze all divorce settlements that have been completed since 2005.

The Israeli government is spending an average $2.8 million on divorce settlements annually, according Anadrolut.

An Adrolut report published on June 10 showed that Israeli settlements reached an average total of $2,965.90 in 2014.

Israelis divorce settlement costs have been growing at an average rate of about 6 percent a year since 2005, according Aptechu.

The price of settlements has gone up every year since then, the report said.

The total cost of settlements, including fees and court fees, has been estimated at more than $4.8 billion.

Aftab Abulhadi, the head of the Israel Lawyer Association, which represents Israeli divorce attorneys, told Haaretz that the rise in settlement costs is due to a number of factors.

First, settlements are an integral part of Israeli law and are subject to the same rules and guidelines as other legal matters, including civil cases, and they require no prior legal advice from the court.

Secondly, the courts are more lenient when it comes to settlements.

They do not require the attorney to prove any prior legal knowledge before they are allowed to file for a divorce.

This means that attorneys are able to file on the basis of what they believe the law allows.

Abulhasidi said that since settlements are part of the law, Israel has become a more costly divorce state.

“In many ways, the divorce is cheaper,” he said.

Abilash Abu Zeid, a lawyer who has filed hundreds of divorce cases in Israel in recent years, told Al Jazeera that the settlement issue is a problem.

“We have to pay more for divorce,” she said.

“The settlements are a part of our divorce law and it is part of how the law works.”

Abilish said that settlement costs are partly due to the fact that the court requires the lawyer to prove prior legal expertise before filing a divorce case.

However Abilalash said that the costs of divorce are a result of a “culture of impunity” among Israeli divorce lawyers.

She said that lawyers are less likely to file complaints or to bring a criminal case against their clients in order to secure a settlement.

“Even if a case is filed, it is not clear if the court will grant a settlement,” she told Al-Jazeera.

Abillash said there is an ongoing discussion about the future of the settlements.

“There is a fear that a settlement will bring a settlement to the table,” she explained.

In 2014, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Israel could not legally impose a settlement, but it allowed for an order to be filed on behalf of the families if the settlement was not accepted.

The court ordered that the family must agree to the settlement.

In response, the family rejected the order, citing the need to prevent “conflict and chaos”.

According to Abillas

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