When you can’t get divorced, how to find the right lawyer

As lawyers age, their workday becomes longer, but the job is still important.

Here’s what you need to know about the median salary for divorce attorneys in 2018.


The median salary in the United States for divorce lawyers was $142,903 in 2018, according to a study by the Law Institute of Minnesota.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) put the median for divorce attorney salaries at $141,633.


The average age of divorce attorneys is 37 years old, according the NIJ study.

The survey found that the median age of a divorce attorney in 2018 was 37 years.


Median divorce attorneys were paid on average $1,000 per hour, while average salary for all attorneys was $1.5 million.


The highest salary in 2018 belonged to divorce attorney David M. Lasseter, who made $1 million.

Laddeter is also a former partner at the law firm of Mayer Brown.


The second highest salary of 2018 was paid to divorce lawyer Brian P. O’Neill, who earned $1 for each hour worked by a divorced attorney.


The third highest salary was paid by divorce attorney Michael E. Meehan, who worked for five years for $2.3 million.


The fourth highest salary for 2018 was the $1 per hour of compensation for the attorneys at Pinsent Masons, which represents divorced and widowed couples.


The fifth highest salary belonged to attorney Elizabeth L. Daugherty, who was paid $1 in each hour she worked for one year.


The sixth highest salary earned by divorce lawyer John J. Houser, who is now a partner at Jones Day, was $750,000.


The seventh highest salary is paid to attorney Mark D. Hays, who has earned $3.7 million for a decade.


The eighth highest salary belongs to attorney Richard A. Lutnick, who got $1 each hour of time he worked for a year.


The ninth highest salary comes from lawyer Paul A. Riddle, who received $2,600,000 for five months of work.


The tenth highest salary came from divorce attorney Robert M. Johnson, who retired at the age of 36.


The 11th highest salary per hour belonged to attorneys at the New York law firm Friedman and Garrison.


The 12th highest compensation came from the firm of Aptos, California, where attorney Richard S. Cusick received $1 to $1 an hour for a career.


The 13th highest median salary belongs in the firm in Los Angeles, where divorce attorney Susan M. Jones made $2 million.


The 14th highest was from lawyer Daniel B. Deutsch, who resigned from his position at the firm after just one year, earning $2 to $2 an hour.


The 15th highest, however, belonged to the firm, where lawyer Paul D. Coker, who had been in the practice for nearly 30 years, was paid a median salary of $1 annually.


The 16th highest pay was for lawyer John C. Ockenberger, who left the firm for $4 million in 2018 and who left a family of five to pursue his career in private practice.


The 17th highest paid attorney was attorney Thomas R. Murphy, who came out of retirement to work for the firm.

He made $5 million over five years, with the median pay of $2 per hour.

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