Which of these two Italian lawyers is right about who’s a motorcycle lawyer?

The Italian media has been flooded with reports that Italian lawyer Roberto Gualteri is the right guy to handle any legal case involving a motorcycle.

Gualters is the head of the motorcycle industry’s watchdog, the Consumer Protection Council, and he’s also the chairman of the Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers of America, an association of motorcycle manufacturers that also includes Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. 

The Consumer Protection Code and the Motorcycle Act, the law that governs the use of motorcycles in Italy, define a motorcycle as a motorcycle with a seat for a rider, seat for the driver, and a seatbelt for the passenger. 

But Gualtes lawyer is actually a lawyer for a different company, Gualteda, which owns a motorcycle dealership called Cielo.

According to The Register, he’s been accused of using Gualtereda’s name and photographs to set up his own motorcycle dealership in a bid to raise money for himself and his wife, who has cancer. 

Gualterini’s lawyer has accused the association of Yamaha of “unethical” and “unlawful” practices and has threatened legal action against the association and the Italian government, as well as Gualtera, which he claims is in violation of the Consumer Act. 

According to The Daily Mail, Gialterini told the Register that the association was “in the business of selling motorcycles to people with cancer,” adding that the business is “not profitable” and that he is “against the law” and wants to “fight it out”. 

Gialteri’s lawyer, Mario Ratti, responded to the accusation in a tweet that was shared more than 7,000 times, saying that he has never been accused by anyone of having any illegal business.

He went on to say that the “attempt to attack me is the attempt of an evil person to harm me”.

Ratti added that he had never received a complaint against Gialters, adding that Gialtera has been an “unquestionably legitimate business”.

Gialtera did not immediately respond to the Daily Mail’s request for comment. 

In a statement to The Telegraph, Giffert’s spokesperson confirmed that Gualneri was the right lawyer for any motorcycle related case.

“The legal profession is very complex and not everyone knows what is a proper or unethical legal procedure,” the spokesperson said.

“Giffert has been in the motorcycle business for more than 20 years and has a reputation as an expert in the area.

It is therefore impossible to provide any comment on the allegations made against Giffers lawyer. “

This is a very complex area and any decision about the legality of any legal action will be taken by our legal team. 

It is therefore impossible to provide any comment on the allegations made against Giffers lawyer. 

This is not an accusation, but a comment on an alleged breach of law.”

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