How a judge’s career is changing

In the first of two podcasts for this year’s National Lawyers Guild convention, attorney and disability lawyer Jody Hensley talks about the impact of her own career on her disability.

In the podcast, Hensleson talks about how her work as a disability lawyer, starting out as a prosecutor, has shaped her worldview.

Hensons first major success came with the ADA’s “reasonable accommodation” provision, which gives people with disabilities the right to use a wheelchair in certain public places.

Hennys work in the field has helped to make a difference, she said, and she hopes the profession continues to inspire her.

Hinsley has been a lawyer since she was 7 years old and her first job was as a law clerk at the California state Supreme Court.

She said she believes she could still get hired if she wanted, and it helped that she has a family.

The only downside to the job is her disability, she added.

But she has an additional reason for optimism: her work ethic.

Hentsley has done her work hard and is not just working to improve the lives of others, she told host Brian Lehrer.

She has been involved in many important public policy issues and is well respected in the profession, she continued.

She spoke about how the ADA was one of the first to make public accommodations, a move that made her feel a lot more comfortable as a lawyer, she explained.

And as a result, she felt less alone.

She hopes her career can be a model for others.

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