How to fight the legal battles of an American lawyer in Spain

In Spanish courts, there is an informal system that allows foreign lawyers to represent American clients.

If the foreign lawyer is American, he or she can’t be arrested.

But that does not apply to some Spanish lawyers.

They can be arrested by the police and taken to the regional police station.

If the foreign attorney does not have a permit, then he or her lawyer must present the court with a petition that asks for the arrest of the foreign lawyer.

If that petition is denied, the foreign legal aid is forced to take the case to court.

The case that led to the arrest in December of Josef Pinto was the latest in a series of legal battles in Spain.

The foreign lawyer’s lawyer in the case, Francisco Sánchez-Cortes, said that he had been representing the American client for more than 20 years and that he was not aware of the current legal framework that would allow him to represent him.

He said that Pinto’s case has been ongoing since 2014.

Pinto’s lawyer said that the Spanish police had requested that he be arrested on suspicion of committing a crime.

However, Sánchelles said that police were not even aware that Pintos crime was terrorism related.

Sánchellez said that on the day that the police arrested Pinto, they had no idea that Pints crime was connected to terrorism.

In addition, he said that Spanish police did not ask his clients whether they had any documents to prove their right to practice in Spain and, if they did, whether they were aware that the authorities were investigating them for terrorist activity.

“The Spanish police never asked me whether the American lawyer had any document to prove his right to practise in Spain,” Sáncik said.

“I don’t have a passport and I don’t speak Spanish.

I don-t know what the Spanish legal system is like.

This case is a mystery.

We have no other option than to go to court.”

Pinto, a Spanish citizen, has been charged with terrorism-related crimes and has been in custody since his arrest.

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