Which dad has the right to bring his children to the US?

A father’s rights lawyer says US parents can bring their children to Canada if they have an urgent need to travel.

Jonathan Marshall says the US needs a permanent immigration system to handle asylum seekers who are coming to Canada to claim asylum.

“This country is an island in a sea of refugees, and they are arriving with their kids,” Marshall said.

“If you are coming here to stay, and you have kids, you should be able to bring them in.

You don’t need to worry about how you get them to Canada, it’s not like the US is an asylum country.”

US President Donald Trump has promised to deport all refugees to the Middle East and other countries, but some legal experts argue this is unlikely to happen.

They say the US already has enough border guards and security measures to prevent anyone from travelling to Canada.

“There are a lot of refugees in the US that are not fleeing persecution, they are fleeing persecution for the right reasons, and we’re going to make sure that they can go to Canada and live a life of security,” Marshal said.

But the US government has not yet outlined a specific plan to do this.

Marshall argues the US has a legal obligation to provide protection to refugees in Canada, but says there is no legal right to do so.

“The US is not a sanctuary state, they have no legal authority to detain, they don’t have legal authority, they’re not a safe haven, they’ve got no border,” Marshaall said, adding that Canada has no legal obligation for the US to take in refugees.

“It’s not the US’s problem, it is Canada’s problem.”

Canada is a member of the UN refugee agency, and has agreed to take refugees in exchange for US$1.4 billion.

The US says it will take in 10,000 refugees from the US by the end of 2018.

Canada says it is unlikely any refugees will be granted asylum there, and says it has no plans to do that.

The issue of immigration is a hot topic in Canada this week.

In Toronto, a Canadian senator is proposing legislation that would require Canadian immigrants to take jobs in the country of origin of their first three children.

A second bill would require all immigrants to report to immigration officers if they plan to come to Canada for work, study or live.

The bill is being pushed by Liberal MP David McGuinty.

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