How the UN human rights panel helped the plight of children and families

By Mark RegevThe United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday approved a resolution that requires the Israeli government to provide immediate and unconditional humanitarian aid to Palestinian children and their families.

The resolution, which was unanimously adopted by the body’s 193-member General Assembly, states that Israel’s “abuses and abuses against Palestinians have been, and continue to be, intolerable and must cease.”

In addition to the Palestinian refugees and displaced persons, the resolution also requires the Palestinian Authority to provide aid and assistance to Palestinian citizens of Israel who are displaced from their homes by the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians.

The Palestinians, along with their Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, and other neighbors, have been under Israeli military rule since 1967.

The Israeli government says the displacement is an unavoidable result of the conflict.

“Israel’s continued settlement policies and the continued closure of its borders with the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and the expulsion of the Palestinians from the State of Palestine, have contributed to the continuing displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees,” the resolution states.

The resolution also calls on the Palestinian Government to implement a “road map for Palestinian citizens” that aims to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the ongoing violence in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Authority was elected last year to take responsibility for the territory’s affairs and ensure its security, but it is not yet able to carry out this responsibility.

The Palestinians and the international community have condemned the Israeli actions, calling for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the territory and the immediate release of the prisoners they have been holding since 1967, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the Occupying States, Paulo Pinheiro, told reporters.

“This resolution is an important step forward in addressing the needs of the Palestinian people, and its passage signifies the urgent need to take action to stop the Israeli occupation of Palestine,” Pinheir said.

The United States has said it opposes the resolution because it does not provide adequate humanitarian aid.

But the U.S. State Department has also voiced support for the resolution, saying that it was aimed at the rights of the refugees and their children.

“This resolution reflects the UN Security Council’s commitment to providing assistance to the Palestinians in the event of a breach of the status quo in the West Bank or Gaza Strip,” a State Department official told The Associated Press.

“We look forward to seeing how the resolution is interpreted and implemented, but our support is for the Palestinian children who have been the most impacted by this conflict and continue their humanitarian need.”

The resolution, approved by the General Assembly on Monday, calls on Israeli officials to ensure that the Palestinian authorities receive the following:1.

Appropriate assistance and support to help the Palestinian population, including families, children, and women, in need of protection, including food, shelter, medical care, and housing, as well as education, health, and infrastructure.2.

Appropriated financial assistance to assist the Palestinian civilian population in the areas under Israeli occupation to rebuild or rebuild infrastructure.3.

Appropriation for the provision of essential humanitarian assistance to displaced and displaced Palestinian civilian populations.4.

Appropriatory financial assistance for the humanitarian needs of Palestinians and for their families and communities, including the provision and reconstruction of essential infrastructure.5.

Appropriateness of the allocation of assistance and assistance for Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip, including humanitarian aid and support for reconstruction, the provision, reconstruction, and shelter for the civilian population.

The General Assembly also authorized the Secretary-General to convene the Security Council to discuss the issue of the ongoing Israeli-Israeli conflict.

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