Bill Richmond’s lawyer says no case against Bill Richmonds

Lawyers for Bill Richington have said there is no case for the businessman to be jailed.

Key points:Richmond’s defence lawyer, Scott Ralston, says he will not be challenging the case in the Federal CourtMr Richmond is facing the death penalty for murdering his estranged wife in 2015Mr Ralton told the ABC the case is likely to be appealed in the Supreme Court.

“This case is about what is appropriate for the justice system to do, and there’s no reason to be taking it to the Supreme.”

I think it’s very clear that Bill Richums appeal has been rejected by the High Court and the Court of Appeal,” Mr Ralstons defence lawyer Scott Ralson told the National ABC.”

There’s a lot of questions that are raised here that I think will be explored at the end of the process.

“Mr Ralsons legal team has been granted an urgent injunction to block the execution of Mr Richmond, who is facing a death penalty case in federal court in Perth.

The court will now consider whether to lift the emergency injunction, which is expected to be granted in the coming days.”

We’re going to fight this to the very last day and we’re going do that with everything that we’ve got,” Mr Rich’s lawyer, Bill Ralsten, said.”

At the end we’re hopeful that this case will be successfully appealed, and we’ll continue to do so.”‘

An extreme case’Mr Raltons legal teams barrister, John Brown, said Mr Richington had a “very serious” case against the Federal Government and a death sentence.”

The circumstances of this case are extraordinary,” Mr Brown said.

Mr Brown said the Federal government would be appealing the appeal.”

He’s had two prior trials.

He’s been on death row for the last eight years.

He had an extremely severe and extreme case.

“If the court allows the Federal authorities to go ahead and execute this man without any review, then there’s absolutely no reason for that to happen.”

The Federal Government has previously defended the execution and said it will not interfere with the court’s decision.

Mr Raldy said he had no doubt the Federal Parliament would uphold its decision.

“What I’m going to say to my friends in the House is this is not about me,” Mr Ricdys defence lawyer said.


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