‘Elder care’ lawyer in court: I can’t pay lawyer’s salary

A legal consultant who is representing a father in court is unable to pay her lawyer’s wages.

Article continues below The lawyer, who did not want to be named, said the case has been ongoing for three months and she cannot afford to pay the lawyer’s expenses and is worried about the amount of time she will have to wait for her clients case to be heard.

A judge in the province of Manitoba said she will order the lawyer to pay lawyer fees and expenses of the two parties.

The court heard that the father is being represented by lawyer Michael Leach and the mother is by lawyer Joanne Mennie.

The father said she was working as a domestic violence lawyer for the past three years, but she has only been paid about $100 a week for her work.

The mother, who is in the same legal profession, said she worked for years as a legal assistant and now is working part-time as a consultant.

She said she had been paid a total of about $2,000 over the past two years and had to borrow money to pay for her own bills.

She says she is desperate for help and wants her daughter to receive the same treatment.

She also wants her mother’s legal advice to be available.

Lawyer Michael Leech says he has received an email from a mother pleading for his advice on her daughter’s custody battle.

She said the father’s behaviour towards her and her daughter has made her feel unsafe and he feels she needs to go back to court.

She has been in court since January but has been denied access to her daughter since May.

She is also concerned about the fact that the mother did not sign the custody agreement and she believes that means she cannot be seen as being in control of her daughter.

The case is expected to go to the Manitoba Supreme Court, which is expected on July 2.

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