How to defend yourself in a rape case

A woman is suing her former boyfriend for $3.5 million after he repeatedly raped her over a period of six months.

Key points:The woman, known as Jane Doe 1, sued her former partner for sexual abuse over a six-month periodThe case centres on the alleged rape of her in September 2015The man, who was not named in the lawsuit, denies the allegationsJane Doe 1 says she had been drinking heavily and sleeping rough for most of the six months she was abused, but a police investigation revealed the man had been abusing her for the past two years.

The woman’s lawyer says she is now in a position to “examine every single aspect of the case” and has decided to go to court.

She says she fears the case will have a “disastrous impact” on her life and that she is “not prepared to be put through this ordeal”.

Her case is the first to involve a rape allegation in New Zealand since a New Zealand man was convicted of raping and sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl.

“This case has highlighted how vulnerable young people are when they are sexually abused,” Ms Kavanagh said.

“There are very few places in New England where someone can come forward and say, ‘I was sexually abused’.”

It has become increasingly difficult for young people to speak up about sexual abuse and to be heard in the legal system.

“Ms Kavanagas lawyer said her client’s life would be in danger if the case went to court because she fears she will not be able to support herself or her children.”

She would not be allowed to live in a home where she can be safe, where she is loved by her family and friends and not be subjected to the physical abuse and the psychological abuse of being constantly told she was a whore,” she said.

Ms Kavagh said she would go to trial in April to argue the man should not receive a life sentence for the rape.”

I want to be clear that if she was not raped, she is not in any way to blame for the fact that she was raped,” she added.”

If she was being sexually assaulted, she would not have been raped.

“Ms Doe 1 alleges the man raped her in August 2015, while he was working as a bartender at a nightclub.

He allegedly told her he wanted to have sex with her, and said he would give her a blowjob, according to the woman.”

He did not give me a blow job.

He did not even have his hand on my ass,” she told the court in a statement.”

When I told him I did not want it, he said ‘I’ll make sure you have a nice time’.

“She said she was assaulted by the man twice more during the next six months, which she said lasted about two weeks.”

After each assault I would go out to my car, where I would have to lie in my car and wait for him to leave my car.

I would then be attacked again by him and then again by the second time,” she testified.

The man then allegedly assaulted her at his house a week later, and then drove her home, where he assaulted her again.”

During the second assault he took me to a private bedroom where he did what I was doing.

I was naked.

He put his hand down my pants and tried to get a feel of my private parts.

I did what he wanted,” she recalled.”

Once he got inside, he pushed his genitals down on my vagina and made me have sex.

“She said he then had sex with another woman and that when she tried to escape, he followed her.”

The next thing I know he was pulling me back to his bedroom and raping me again.

This is what happened to me and that’s why I left,” she alleged.

Ms Doe said the man would continue to rape her, but would stop after about two months.

She also said the rape happened after she gave birth to her first child and she said the abuse had left her physically and emotionally damaged.

The case was heard at Auckland District Court, with the judge ordering a psychiatric assessment.

Ms J said the woman had “no idea” what to do if she did not get her money back.”

You may want to go on the offensive,” she advised.

The trial will start on November 13.

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