When is it OK to take the subway?

The subway is one of those things that has become so ingrained in our daily lives that you almost have to be a lawyer to even mention it.

It’s the most common mode of transportation for more than a billion people worldwide.

When it comes to safety, however, the reality of life in New York City is that the subway is not a safe place to be.

It has been known to be filled with violence and sex trafficking, and it has been linked to several serious accidents, including the one that killed two people on the platform on Sunday.

But it’s not all bad news for the subway: It has a good reputation for being an excellent way to get around and has been cited by many as an excellent transportation option for students who don’t have to worry about finding their own way around the city.

It is a common complaint among subway users that the service is slow, and there are some who believe it could be improved.

But the reality is that it is not that bad, and you won’t be spending a whole lot of time waiting for the bus or having to stop to use the escalators.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when you’re on the subway.


It isn’t a safe way to travel by subway.

The New York subway is no different than any other subway system.

It operates on a schedule that is dictated by the state and the MTA.

It uses the same lines every day, and even has the same trains running on the same schedule every day.

It does this because there are certain sections of the system that are considered to be safer than others.

In addition to trains running in the morning, there are two lines that operate at night.

These are the “fast” and “slow” trains.

The “fast-speed” trains are very crowded, and the “slow-speed,” which is also known as “green” or “blue,” trains are much quieter.

The slow-speed trains are also far more expensive, which is a big reason why most people on them opt for the “green,” which typically runs at a much slower speed.

These two trains are scheduled to run at different times of the day.

The difference between the two lines can make it hard to decide where to go, and passengers will often ask the staff if they can use the “red” line.

It can also be hard to figure out what the “blue” line is.

There are several things that can make the difference between a safe and unsafe trip on the “white” line: How many people are on the train?

How many seats are available?

Where is the “line” between the platform and the station?

How long are the trains running?

What’s the station called?

Are there any stations with names like the Nostrand Avenue subway station?

These are all questions that can be answered by reading the schedule on the back of the ticket.

The first time you board a train on the blue line, the train is supposed to run in two groups of three, and one of them is supposed, if you’re lucky, to be “safe.”

If the line is running smoothly, the person in the “safe” group should be seated next to the person sitting in the second group, with the “danger” person in front of them.

If the lines are not running smoothly at all, then you can always tell when you are in the safe group because you will often hear the “orange” train whistle, which means the line should be closed and you should wait for a train to pull in.

If a line is not running properly, you can also ask the conductor to open the train, and if he doesn’t, you should ask if the conductor will open the line again.

You should also ask what the train schedule says, especially if you are the only passenger on the line.

If you have the right answers, the conductor should allow you to board the train.

The train operator may even inform you that you can get on the next train to the next station and wait for one of the two safe groups to get on it, or that you should board the second safe group.

If this happens, you’ll have to wait a little while, and then you’ll be allowed to go.

However, the next safe group will be crowded.

If it is, the lines will open at the same time and then close.

If not, you will have to get off the line and wait a few more minutes.

Once you are on a train that isn’t “safe,” it is important to pay attention to the information on the ticket: “Train No. 1: This is the ‘green’ line.

Train No. 2: This line is the one running in a rush and not moving slowly.

Train #3: This train is running late and it’s crowded.

Train no. 4: This will not be a safe trip, and this will be a dangerous trip.

Train 5: This one is too crowded for the safest route. Train 6:

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