Lawyer suing NFL over ‘racism’

A lawyer for the NFL has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Houston against the league for alleged racism.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Houston, where it was originally filed last year.

It alleges the league and commissioner Roger Goodell have committed discrimination against players and owners by creating an atmosphere of intimidation and fear for minorities, particularly African-Americans.

The suit was filed by Houston attorney Scott Dwi, who represents two Houston players who have been suspended by the NFL in the past year.

Dwi said he has no affiliation with the league, but said the league’s alleged treatment of African-American players has “violated their constitutional rights.”

Dwi filed the lawsuit on behalf of the two players who are black, Eric Reid and Josh Gordon.

Reid, a former Houston linebacker, was suspended for four games by the league last season.

Gordon, who played for the Houston Texans from 2012 to 2016, was also suspended by that team for a season.

Both players are now free agents.

Reid is scheduled to meet with the NFLPA in New York on Friday.

“This is not about the NFL, this is about the players and their rights,” Dwi told ESPN.

“The NFL, in the name of diversity, is creating an environment where any minority player who is black is going to feel that they are not safe.

It is not fair.

It doesn’t reflect the reality of America.

This is the NFL saying to a black player, ‘We don’t want you to play football.

We don’t care about your ability to play.

We’re not going to pay you.

We know what you can do.

You’re not a player.

We’ve had enough of your success.

We can’t tolerate it.

We want you gone.

We think you’re worthless.

We have to stop you.

So what you have to do is get out of here, get on the team bus, get back on the field, go home.

That’s all you have got to do.'”

Dwi noted that the NFL and the league office did not respond to his request for comment.

He said that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made “significant progress” on improving the diversity of its players and teams.

“However, it remains an ongoing challenge to ensure the NFL is working toward and implementing changes to address racial discrimination, racial disparities in employment, housing, education and other critical areas in the game of football,” Dzi said.

The NFL declined comment.

In May, the NFL filed an amended lawsuit in a Texas court, seeking to force the league to conduct an investigation into the alleged racial discrimination of the Houston players.

The league office also responded to Dwi’s lawsuit in June, saying that Dwi had filed a false and defamatory lawsuit that is false and that the lawsuit is “baseless.”

Dzi has filed similar lawsuits before, including a lawsuit last year in which he alleged that the league intentionally created a climate of racial discrimination for black players.

Dzi was also one of two plaintiffs in a class action suit filed in June by the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention against the NFL.

That case sought $1.7 billion in damages from the NFL to settle its alleged discrimination against African- Americans in the NFL locker rooms.

The settlement was reached in August.

The Houston Texans, who are the Houston team of the NFL’s former Super Bowl champions, were suspended by Goodell in 2016 for three games after a video emerged of the team’s head coach and general manager arguing that the team would be “better off” with quarterback Brian Hoyer playing quarterback instead of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The video showed the team players and coach making racially charged comments about Hoyer’s ability to succeed in the league.

The Texans were not punished.

The city of Houston also has a lawsuit pending against the team, which is based in Houston.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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