Former Bikers Association President Says ‘No Matter What’ To Allegations That Lawyer Used His Position to Engage in Harassment

A former Bikers Assoc.

president says he’s surprised that someone would have to defend the actions of a member of the organization.

“I can’t imagine anyone could defend that,” former BMA President Bill Stryker said.

The association’s current president, Dave Ritchie, said the accusations against Ritchie are false and “very damaging.”

In a statement, Strykers attorney Michael McGovern said the organization has “no comment at this time” on the allegations.

Ritchie has been an advocate for the BMA since he was elected to the board in 2002, and has represented BMA members in civil lawsuits against the organization for harassment and defamation.

The BMA has a history of litigation with the city of Fort Collins, where it is located, over a long-running lawsuit over the location of its convention center.

That case ended in a $1.8 million settlement, and the city also settled a case with the BCA for $1 million.

The case was resolved after the city’s attorney general found the city had not violated any state or federal laws by the BBA’s actions.

Raney said in a statement to Denver7 that he is “disappointed” in the charges against him and that the BAMA “will continue to defend itself against these false allegations.”

“The BMA is committed to fair and impartial legal representation of its members and members of the general public,” the statement said.

“We will defend ourselves vigorously in the future against these baseless allegations.”

The BAMA’s legal defense is ongoing.

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