How to win a custody battle with your ex

Domestic violence lawyer Jennifer Naughton says she can’t predict what her clients are going to do in a custody dispute, but she can help.

“You never know, you may get some kind of resolution, and you may have a really good outcome,” she says.

“Sometimes it’s not that easy.”

Ms Naughtons advice can be useful in the event of a custody struggle, and can help you find a better settlement.

She says some courts won’t let you get custody without first giving your ex a copy of your child’s birth certificate, so if you don’t want to get one you need to find another way to obtain it.

“A lot of times you don´t even have the documents, you just have the birth certificate,” she explains.

“In a lot of cases, it can take months for an attorney to get the birth certificates for an ex, so it can be quite time consuming.”

Often you just get a letter from your ex saying, ‘I’m sorry, I don´ts want custody of my children.

I can get them back when I get a new lawyer’.

“When your ex’s lawyers don’t have a copy, you can still ask the court to send you a copy.

In this case, you will need to send them a letter with a request for custody.”

If the court doesn’t have the document, you could have a lawyer come in and ask for a copy and we would look at it.

Sometimes we will get the letter back saying ‘we don´ve got it’, so you could then send it back,” Ms Naughts says.

If your ex doesn’t provide a birth certificate or you don`t have a birth report, Ms Naugts says you will have to file a notice with the court and request that the court issue you a new one.”

Usually they will not do that, but sometimes the court will issue you one,” she adds.”

They might not give you a replacement birth certificate for your child, but they can give you an electronic copy of the birth report and a copy if it doesn’t match the birth record.

“You can also request a copy by calling a lawyer who specializes in custody issues.”

It’s not always easy, but you can do it if you have a good lawyer, and if you want to be fair, you have to ask your ex, but it’s the best way to try to resolve this issue,” Ms Rynolds says.

Ms Naugs advice is not for everyone, and Ms Ryne says the best advice is to talk to your ex and ask what they need from you.”

I would say to ask yourself what you need from your partner, what they want from you, and what they can do to get what you want from them,” she advises.”

And then you can go and talk to them about it, and see if you can work something out together.

“For me, I never did get custody of the children, so that’s not an issue, but if my partner and I were together, I would not be able to have custody.”

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