The ‘Dental Malpractice Attorney’ Who Was Fired for Using Fake Social Media Content

Dental malformation attorney Joseph “Joey” Siegel is no longer employed by the Federal Medical Center. 

According to an email obtained by Breitbart News, Siegel was terminated on July 20th. 

In an email, Dr. Siegel described his termination letter as a “miscommunication” between him and a third party regarding an email regarding a contract that had been sent to him from the Center.

The email included the following statement: “I have been terminated as a member of the staff of the Center for Dental Research.

I have resigned from the Federal Dental Program, effective July 20, 2019.

I do not intend to file any further complaint.” 

The email did not identify the third party that sent the email. 

As previously reported, Dr Siegel made headlines when he was fired in June for using fake social media accounts to promote his business, SGS LLC, and then, shortly after that, his fake Twitter account. 

He is currently suing the Federal Med Center for breach of contract. 

The Center’s attorney, Christopher D. Lacy, wrote that the Center “is committed to transparency and a level playing field for all parties. 

It is our expectation that the Federal Department of Health will continue to monitor and take appropriate action in the appropriate circumstances.” “

It is unfortunate that Dr Sauer was terminated for this misuse of his social media platforms, but the Center and Dr Sacher have a responsibility to keep his conduct within the bounds of the rules. 

It is our expectation that the Federal Department of Health will continue to monitor and take appropriate action in the appropriate circumstances.” 

“Dental malformers are not immune from the law, and we will hold them accountable for their behavior,” Dental Institute President Michael G. Omer said in a statement released by the Institute. 

Earlier this month, Dr Sacher received an email from a third-party contact, telling him that the email was sent from a “company owned and operated by Dr. Sauer” that he could not verify. 

This email also included a statement that Dr. Lacey had been “fired” and that Siegel would not be receiving any future compensation. 

Dr Lacy did not respond to a request for comment. 

Siegel has previously faced a number of lawsuits over his fake social networks, including a 2014 case filed by the American Dental Association. 

One of his most recent lawsuits, a lawsuit filed by New York’s attorney general against the Center, alleges that Dr Lacy violated HIPAA by “violating a provision of the Privacy Act by engaging in a scheme to circumvent a law that prohibits a person from knowingly providing the Department of Defense with personal data that is reasonably needed for a legitimate military purpose.” 

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