New disability lawyer raises $4 million in startup fund

The New York City disability lawyer who raised $4.6 million for a startup fund has hired a new lawyer to oversee the fund, according to the New York Post.

Jason Voorhees, the former deputy general counsel of the Department of Justice, joined the New Yorker Fund’s board of directors last year.

Voorhies previously worked at the Department in the Trump administration.

“Jason has worked with many high profile law firms in recent years, and he has experience in both public and private practice, including his time in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York,” New Yorker fund chief executive Paul Bostrom wrote in a statement.

“I am pleased that Jason has joined the board of the New Yorkers Fund to ensure its future success.”

Voorhis previous work includes working for the Department’s criminal division, working on immigration issues and serving as counsel for the Federal Trade Commission.

The fund has been raising money for about a year, with a focus on helping people with disabilities.

It was founded in 2015 and has raised $11.8 million.

“As a disability lawyer and as a father, I am proud to have supported and built the NewYorkers Fund,” Voorhes wrote on Facebook.

“It’s a powerful and meaningful way for me to contribute to the cause of helping people living with disabilities and their families.”

The New Yorker has been working with Disability Rights Now to raise funds for a range of disability-related causes.

The New Yorkers fund has raised more than $1.7 million to date, with the majority of the funds coming from disability-law fund investors.

It has also received support from other disability-rights groups, including Disability Rights NY.

“We are so grateful to Jason for his service to our cause,” said NYRDNY Executive Director Jamey Stegall in a press release.

“Our community is hurting from this terrible epidemic and we want to help him help them.”

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