‘My brother was robbed’: Father ‘truly shocked’ by death of wife

By Football Italian staff The son of a court-appointed mediator has told the court that he “absolutely” regrets what happened in the first days of his father’s life.

Sebastian and Francesco Battaglia, the father of Francesco and the lawyer for his wife, have filed a civil lawsuit against their father’s brother, Giovanni Battagli, who was arrested in connection with the case and charged with murder.

Sergio Battaglios’ attorney, Francesco Piscatelli, told La Repubblica that he had a “very difficult time” to explain the events that led to the death of his client’s son.

“We have a lot of emotional pain and it is a very difficult situation, I have to tell you,” Piscangelo told the paper.

“My brother told me that he was shocked and shocked that his son’s brother is in prison.

He was also shocked that my brother would kill him.”

Piscatellis brother, a lawyer and an attorney in Milan, was arrested by Italian police on May 19 after the Battaglies went to visit the brother.

He had been detained by police for a number of days and released on bail a day later.

In court, Battaglis said he had been unable to find his brother in prison and had been trying to contact him by phone.

“I told my brother that I was very sad, I was shocked, I am sorry,” he said.

“He didn’t answer me and I called him a couple of times but I couldn’t get a call back.”PISCATOLLI’S LAWYER PISSES OFF BATTAGLI”My brother did nothing wrong.

I never saw him at the crime scene and he was always at home,” Battaglus’ lawyer told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I was absolutely shocked when my brother died.

He could have been a lawyer, a judge, a police officer, anything.”

He said he would be filing a lawsuit against Giovanni Battags father, Carlo Battaglie, “for the death.”

Battaglia was released on May 26 on bail and returned to his home in Milan on May 27, just hours before the police were to arrest him.

Italian police released a statement saying they “found no evidence” to back up the accusations of the case, adding that they “never found the body of [the victim]”.

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