When it comes to a divorce: Derek Chauvin lawyer reviews best divorce lawyer

The lawyer who represented Derek Chauvins estranged wife for two years says the former NFL star was a “good person” who would have had no problem finding a way to support his family.

“I know Derek is a good man,” lawyer Jeffrey Gans told The Associated Press in an interview.

He is a loving husband, a loving father. “

Derek is a great husband, he is a decent father.

He is a loving husband, a loving father.

It’s a very hard thing to divorce.

And if he had a child out of wedlock, I would be able to find that out, too.”

The lawyer says the couple is close and has a long history.

“I’m not saying that Derek is perfect, but I think the facts support the conclusion that Derek has had some pretty tough times,” Gans said.

The two-time Pro Bowler played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns and New York Giants.

Chauvin is currently serving as an attorney with the Dallas-based Law Firm of Chauvans former law firm.

His other clients include NFL players Michael Vick, Eric Decker and Eric Berry.

Gans said the former Steelers and Browns star would have been happy to be reunited with his wife after a divorce.

“There is no question that he would have wanted to have a family and be able see them grow up,” Gons said.

Chauvin was released by the Steelers last week after two years with the team. “

The reality is he has had a very tough time and he’s had a difficult time trying to get the kids back together.”

Chauvin was released by the Steelers last week after two years with the team.

He signed with the Cowboys last year and has had numerous arrests.

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