Boat Accident Lawyer Says ‘We Are All Going to Die’

Lawyers are calling for an urgent investigation into the fatal drowning of a Spanish lawyer on board a fishing boat in the Aegean Sea last week.

The lawyer was on board the MV “Lola de la República” (the Lark) when it was hit by the bow of a fishing vessel off the coast of Pisa on April 5.

The lawyer and his wife were rescued by the coastguard, but were later taken to hospital for treatment.

The incident has become a cause celebre in Spain as thousands of people have rallied against the fishing industry.

“I am deeply sorry to see this happen.

The whole world is waiting to hear what the legal system can do to prevent this from happening again,” lawyer Luis Enrique Guzmán said.

“I have asked the coast guard to look into what happened, and if there is a law to deal with this, it is very urgent.”

This is a tragedy for us all, and I ask all the lawyers and judges who are not involved in the fishing industries to come forward and investigate,” he added.

A lawyer for the lawyer’s family told local media that he and his brother were not aware of the accident until after it happened.”

The Lark was owned by a Spanish company called Cepa, which is owned by another company called Alcañara. “

We were not told of any of the facts, we did not have a lawyer, and our lawyer was not present on the day of the incident.”

The Lark was owned by a Spanish company called Cepa, which is owned by another company called Alcañara.

Cepas director, José Maria Ponce de León, has said that the company has received no complaints about the incident.

The boat was on its way from Turkey to the Greek island of Samos, where it had been anchored, when it went into the water.

The company says that the boat is “in good shape”.

The attorney’s wife, Isabel León de Leones, said she was not on board when the boat sank, and was not told that it had struck the boat before it sank.

“They were not in the area where I am from, but the coastguards were in the region where I live,” she told Spanish daily El País.

“They did not know we were there, and that is why we are going to die,” she added.

The Larks owner has also defended the incident in court.

He told a court that the vessel “had no intention to harm the lawyer or anyone else”.

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