A former attorney who stole his clients identity is seeking to sue his former employers for $50 million

BRADLEY EDWARDS, attorney who spent more than three decades as a top law firm’s attorney, is suing his former employer for $49 million.

Edwards, 61, who once represented a former Oklahoma state legislator accused of stealing the identities of four other people, filed the lawsuit Thursday in a federal court in Oklahoma City.

The suit alleges that in the 1990s, Edwards helped a group of his former law firms clients obtain identity theft and identity theft insurance coverage for themselves and their families.

He also worked on an investigation into the alleged theft of a man’s identity and provided legal advice on identity theft.

Edward’s lawyer, Robert Branson, declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Edwin was appointed to the Oklahoma Supreme Court in 1990.

He served as Oklahoma’s attorney general and as a state district judge.

His office also handled a number of cases involving identity theft, including the identity theft of the husband of former Oklahoma Gov.

Bob Dole.

Edwyn’s new lawsuit also accuses the plaintiffs of falsely accusing him of theft and of conspiring to obstruct his investigation into a suspected identity theft case involving the former legislator.

Edwards attorney said he would be able to collect the lawsuit in Oklahoma, which has a lower burden of proof than most states, and in the federal courts of Texas, Louisiana and California.

EdWARDS lawsuit also alleges that Edwins criminal conduct was so “incompetent and insincere” that his own actions caused the victims to fear for their lives.

Edwins attorney, Branson said in a statement that the lawsuit was not intended to seek damages for Edwards’ alleged crime, but rather “to pursue a meaningful settlement of the claims and for the plaintiffs to receive their full compensation.”

Edwords lawsuit alleges that Edwards also conspired with a law firm partner to steal his clients’ identities.

Edsworthy, who now lives in New York, said in an interview last year that he was shocked to learn of the suit.

He was unaware that he would have to file a lawsuit on behalf of the individuals, she said.

The former Oklahoma governor was sentenced in 1994 to five years in prison and fined $50,000.

Edwonss attorney said she is confident Edwin’s lawsuit will be successful.

She said Edwys legal problems have not stopped him from pursuing his career as a lawyer.

Edwiess attorney said her client has made several unsuccessful attempts to work with the U.S. government to resolve his criminal conduct, but has had no luck.

She said she would pursue legal action for the individuals involved, including their families, even if the case against Edwens legal team in Oklahoma ultimately fails.

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