The Copyright Lawyer: Copyright Lawsuits Are Still Inevitable in the Copyright Wars

When you’ve filed a copyright claim, you’re faced with a legal challenge.The copyright law, as the name suggests, protects a work, and every claim you make about that work is based on the copyright law.There are two main types of copyright lawsuits: Copyright infringement and Copyright Fair Use.The first, copyright infringement, involves the copying of […]

How to avoid a bad lawyer by paying for one

With the help of lawyer retinue, you can avoid getting the wrong lawyer by simply paying the fees for the best ones.The most common lawyers you can contact for a trial are the ones with experience in criminal defense.And the best of them will give you the best results.So whether you want a trial lawyer […]

How to win a divorce in Pennsylvania

A divorce lawyer says a Philadelphia divorce lawyer will be the one to handle the paperwork for the divorce.Philadelphians Sue Attorney For Divorce LawsuitPhiladelpias divorce attorney, Joe St. Germain, filed a lawsuit against lawyer Joe DeSantis last month.According to St. Germain, DeSants lawyer, De Sants filed for divorce last month, but his wife filed an […]

When an elder care attorney goes public with allegations of sexual misconduct – the questions start to come back

Elder care lawyer Kate Smith says she has been subjected to inappropriate sexual comments and inappropriate touching from former clients.Key points:The allegations have rocked the industry and prompted calls for an independent inquiryThe attorney says she had to fight back tears as she spoke about the experienceMs Smith says her client was a good friend, […]

Kyle Rittenhouse Lawyer Accused of Murder, Assault in Texas

A lawyer accused of killing his wife and her friend was arrested Tuesday on charges that he sexually assaulted the victims, authorities said.Karen Rittenhall, 52, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts first-degrees assault and two counts second-degree sexual assault, according to a press release from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.She was […]

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