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New York divorce lawyer suing to get back $8,000 in damages after burning her daughter

A New York City divorce lawyer says she is seeking $8 million in damages from a Florida divorce lawyer after he allegedly set fire to her daughter’s house in a fit of rage, according to court documents.Carol Anne Hynes, 63, filed a wrongful death lawsuit Monday against Daniel J. Hynes in the Palm Beach County, […]

Legal cartoon: ‘I’m a lawyer, I’m a cartoonist’

Lawyers and cartoonists are the newest group of celebrities who are bringing a legal point of view to the entertainment industry, a trend that will only accelerate as entertainment is reigned in as a mainstream form of entertainment.But with legal cartoons as a critical part of the entertainment medium, there are questions about whether cartoons […]

How to win a custody battle with your ex

Domestic violence lawyer Jennifer Naughton says she can’t predict what her clients are going to do in a custody dispute, but she can help.“You never know, you may get some kind of resolution, and you may have a really good outcome,” she says.“Sometimes it’s not that easy.”Ms Naughtons advice can be useful in the event […]

How to avoid bankruptcy in California

A lawyer is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States, with an annual growth rate of more than 50% from 2010 to 2018.But with more and more Americans opting for the private sector, it is now illegal to practice law. And with California law, it’s not just lawyers who face bankruptcy protection: The California Bar […]

‘It’s not a race, it’s a race between you and the FBI’

The immigration lawyer who helped federal agents obtain the laptop containing evidence of the July 4th attacks on the offices of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton has been paid more than $30,000 in taxpayer funds, according to a report in The Arizona Republic.The Arizona Republic obtained the salaries of six lawyers who handled […]

How to get the best rent in Sydney

The most popular rental properties in Sydney are not necessarily the best, according to property agent and property blogger Zander Daley.He writes on his blog the Real Estate Investor that property agents should be wary of looking at a property that’s “upmarket” and then “sitting on it” and not being able to rent it because […]

The ‘Dental Malpractice Attorney’ Who Was Fired for Using Fake Social Media Content

Dental malformation attorney Joseph “Joey” Siegel is no longer employed by the Federal Medical Center. According to an email obtained by Breitbart News, Siegel was terminated on July 20th. In an email, Dr. Siegel described his termination letter as a “miscommunication” between him and a third party regarding an email regarding a contract that had been sent […]

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