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When the feds say they want a lawyer, they often ask a stranger. Here’s what to do if you’re being asked to testify about a pending case.

The FBI and the Department of Justice have announced a series of changes in the way they seek witnesses in their criminal investigations.The FBI will no longer require a subpoena to obtain documents from third parties, and the DOJ will begin requiring all witnesses to undergo background checks and complete a form that they use […]

The law firm of Richard J. Wicker’s lawyer could have its job cut from the inside out

If you’re a lawyer, it’s not a surprise that you’re often under the constant threat of being fired.In fact, the legal profession is so dangerous, it was recently reported that one of its most senior employees had lost his job in a fire.But a lawsuit filed against Wicker by the firm’s former chief legal officer […]

How to Get Your Job Back: How to Survive the Trump Era

As Donald Trump’s presidency enters its fourth year, the economy is facing its most severe downturn in decades.With the economy contracting by 1.6% in the first quarter, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling by more than 10% in four months, many workers are facing the prospect of a long summer.But what can you do […]

What we know about Brad Edwards’ lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles

Brad Edwards is suing the city over the LAPD’s handling of his death.In a civil lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Edwards said the city is liable for his death and that the department is failing to make proper repairs.“The LAPD and the City of Los Angles failed to prevent, mitigate or remedy the serious injury caused […]

How to sue airline over flight attendant’s comment about a passenger

Transportation lawyers are often accused of taking advantage of their clients’ emotional and psychological vulnerabilities.In this case, a woman claims she was denied access to a flight attendant after she said something to the effect that a man had raped her on the plane.A federal judge has now ruled that the woman was entitled to […]

How to spot a sex crime lawyer – lawyer retinue

The lawyer retinet of a player is a major part of any legal team.A lawyer’s salary is the largest component of a football club’s business.But how much do they earn?The legal profession is notoriously expensive, with salaries in excess of $150 million.What is it that they do?Is there a fee structure?Is the lawyer paid on […]

How to get an immigration hearing after an arrest in Nebraska

A father of a young man who was arrested for assaulting his sister and another woman in a Nebraska jail has filed a lawsuit against the state, claiming his son was illegally detained.The lawsuit filed Tuesday by attorney Michael B. Baca said that Nebraska law does not require ICE to detain children and did not […]

How to navigate a lawsuit over a car accident

A lawyer in Texas is suing a former employee for allegedly stealing the client’s business and moving it to Texas.The former lawyer is suing James B. Young for theft of services.Young’s company, Baxo, has been accused of taking over business from a former client and using the company’s assets to pay for renovations, including remodeling […]

When you can’t get divorced, how to find the right lawyer

As lawyers age, their workday becomes longer, but the job is still important.Here’s what you need to know about the median salary for divorce attorneys in 2018.1.The median salary in the United States for divorce lawyers was $142,903 in 2018, according to a study by the Law Institute of Minnesota.The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) […]

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